After 3 years of the COVID-19 epidemic, full of difficulties and challenges. With the cooperation and commitment of all employees and the high determination of the leadership. Therefore, Dich Hong Hawa company is still walking steadily going up, growing stronger. To honor that great achievement, the director of Dich Hong company decided to organize a 2 day 1 night resort. Bring all staffs and factories to relax at Hai Tien beach - Thanh Hoa.

nghỉ mát 2022

The main highlight is the green uniform. It is the color of freshness, fertility, a symbol of prosperity and satiety, attachment. With the above meaning, Dich Hong Hawa company wants to show: Overcoming difficulties during the epidemic years, together to succeed in the following years.

nghỉ mát 2022

The relaxation time took place in a fun, warm atmosphere. All members of the company comfortably enjoy the intimate, attached atmosphere.

With a warm, cohesive atmosphere for all employees in the Hanoi office and Bac Ninh factory. 2 days 1 night at Hai Tien beach deposited in each person.


nghỉ mát 2022

Holding hands together. Let's take pictures together. Let's have fun singing together and enjoy dinner by the beach full of waves.

It is this connection that has and continues to create the company Dich Hong Hawa as a "big family". Always looking forward!

nghỉ mát 2022

Finally, returning to the current job, the whole company together promised to try to be more perfect in production, as well as customer care. Help customers have a better experience of Dich Hong products. Bring the company brand higher and higher in the market. As we grow stronger, we will always be the "leading" unit in the production - design - construction of interior and exterior decoration items in Vietnam.

nghỉ mát 2022

Come to us Dich Hong Hawa Joint Stock Company: "Bringing the perfect solution for every project"!

Hong Hawa Translation Joint Stock Company:

Address: VPGD: 1012A Lang Street, Dong Da, Hanoi

Store in Hanoi: 1012A Lang Street, Dong Da, Hanoi (Tel: 0243 248 4993)

Stores in Bac Ninh: Doc Tieu, Pho Moi, Tuong Giang, Tu Son, BN (Tel: 0222 3833 688)

Factory: Tuong Giang, Tu Son, Bac Ninh (Tel: 0222 374 7373)

Hotline:  0915.353.009 (Mrs. Huong)

Email: dichhonghw@gmail.com

Web: trangtridichhong.com.vn

FB: facebook.com/Dichhonghawa



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